At HamperTreat we know the significance of taking care of and rewarding the climate. That is the reason we've chosen to start HT Green Project and asset the planting of one tree for each request that we get from our clients, paying little mind to the worth! By doing this we can assist with adding trees back to territories and forest across the globe that have been deforested, assisting with taking care of our current circumstance and help individuals all the while.

We’re truly amped up for doing this because of the quantity of advantages this has to the climate including:

  • Creating environments, territories and nourishment for creatures and natural life.

  • Absorbing as well as reducing CO2 level and other harmful gasses from the air and delivering oxygen – assisting with diminishing the impact of worldwide environmental change – Global warming.

  • Reducing the measure of tempest water overflow which diminishes disintegration, stream contamination and the impacts of flooding.


On top of the generally incredible natural advantages of planting a tree for each request we get, the work that is needed to plant them is given to individuals out of luck, assisting with improving their financial circumstance and giving them a pay to diminish extraordinary destitution across the globe.

We're working strictly to make gifts to The HT Green Project and make our tree counter push forward much quicker. Together we promise our obligation to maintainability and work in joint effort to reward our current circumstance by giving to HT Green Project.